Everything we do at Sweat PGH is to the beat of the music because we just love being inspired by the tempo and heavy beats involved.  Here is a thigh burner from my recent Barre class!  You’ll notice my facial expressions are incredibly hard to hold in during the intense burn happening in my grounded leg LOL.

What you need:

The focus here is to tone and strengthen the grounded leg (my left leg).  Rooting down into all 4 corners of the grounded foot, making sure to keep the knee stacked over your heel, with little to no weight in the sliding leg.  We often feel that every workout has to be extremely intense with heavy weights and HIIT movements.  Here, we do get the heart rate up at the end with small squat jumps, however, the focus is the root.  Coming back to the form focus, inviting in movements to challenge the root, without disrupting the foundation.  You’ll notice I do lose balance, but pull it back into my form to clean it up and remind myself what the true focus and purpose is of the drill.  

It’s nice to throw these little drills in that take just  3 to 4 minutes to complete!  Fitting a workout in isn’t always easy.  Follow this short clip and dance it out with me!  Try it out and let me know what you think 😉

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Obsessed with the song I am working out to in this video, Dance Monkey by Tones and I.  Can’t get enough of it!