I tend to over do it with work and personal plans at least once every other month, especially right before I go away for a trip.  This has caused me to feel overwhelmed, like there is an internal mess I am trying to manage.   

So, I am taking a step back to notice what actions I took to cause this feeling so that I can “clean it up”.

I constantly say “yes” and add too much to my plate because I don’t want to disappoint, which leads to having a bunch of work and personal activities on my calendar that I am making all “fit in”. I noticed a habit of saying “yes I can get this done by this day at this time” before looking at my calendar and realizing that it isn’t realistic with what I already have lined up.

Sure, I might be getting everything done well, but not great.  My energy isn’t there during my personal time with friends, and the work I am putting out for business is not to the best of my ability.  And most importantly, the work I am putting in my personal growth is non existent.  I enjoy using my daily planner to visually see the layout of my “perfect day” ahead.


Create your “Perfect Day”:

1.) First, let’s set our goal.  This can be short term or long term.

2.) Start to make a list of activities that will help you reach this goal.


Now, let’s simplify our days to what our perfect (realistic) day looks like:

  • Wake up at time (??)
  • What do you do first?  Coffee/tea?  Breakfast?
  • Work day?  Go to workout?
  • Come home from work and spend time with family?
  • Dinner?
  • Before bed, read a book?
  • Sleep for x amount of hours

This is your “perfect day”.  As you plan new activities during the week, notice how it aligns with your perfect day.  Where can you get work or personal tasks done?  When planning something new into your “perfect day”, does it create a mess or can it be implemented to align with what you already have planned?

For me, I tend to say “yes” to 100 different tasks that inevitably disrupt my plans for personal growth or work.  This has created a mess and makes me feel overwhelmed and rushed.  It is not the tasks that have caused this feeling, it is how I have handled the situation.  Adding more to my plate even though I know I realistically cannot get it all done.  As they say, “there are not enough hours in the day” lol.  When this happens, I like to take a step back and reflect over the following questions:

1.) Am I living in accordance with my values and priorities?

2.) What will I do to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked?  Start by realizing what I may have done to cause this and work my way backward to eliminate the feeling of anxiety.

3.) Come back to my WHY or Goal.  Ask, how can I simplify my plan to reach my goal?


Take a step back to find your baseline day, or your “perfect day”.  When something “unplanned” comes knocking, invite it in without disrupting the space you have created.  Your perfect day is filled with ideas that are important to you to feel complete.  Make it a simple yet fulfilling day.  Leave room for more, but do not eliminate what is important to you when something new asks for your attention.  Find the space to add more without disrupting your foundation.
I want to hear about your “perfect day”!  Send me a message or leave a comment below 😉