I am finally cleared from holding back on my shoulder exercises!  I have not been allowed to do planks, push ups, or any exercises that used those muscles in months due to a labrum tear in my right shoulder.  Words cannot express how excited I am to be back, and it’s happening at the perfect time because SWEAT PGH 2.0 is opening THIS WEEKEND!!!! I cannot wait to make the new concepts part of my new workout routine.  Sweat Power and Sweat Dance have been in the works for some time now, and let me tell you here first, THEY ARE NO JOKE!  I am already seeing the benefits and I have only been able to do them fully once each in the last week.  This morning, I took a series of “before” photos, so that I can share my journey with you as I find my NEW workout routine, post injury.  Stay tuned throughout the coming weeks for some check in posts to see some progress 😉

Now, I am totally a culprit of “overdoing it,” so I have to remind myself to ease back into the swing of things.  I will be incorporating a combination of Sculpting (yoga sculpt, power, dance & barre), Cycling, Dancing and Flowing classes throughout the week.  Allowing yourself to try different workouts is a great way to transform the body because you trigger different muscles rather than allowing the body to plateau and become stagnant in a planned routine.  Make working out fun, not a chore! 

We often feel that each workout has to feel murderous to feel accomplished, but I challenge you to incorporate movements that are restorative as well, for they will help to improve your mobility and increase your muscle transformation. Think of the journey you are currently on.  Get to your end goal in a way that is easily sustainable even after you feel you’ve reached the end.  Just like a diet, we deprive ourselves of the things we love to shed weight, however, does the weight stay off once we start to eat normal again?  No, so how should any journey be different? You must create a process for yourself that is sustainable, so once you reach your goal, your lifestyle does not change.

Over the years, I have noticed that a combination of strength training and cardio makes a huge impact on my body.  Now, everyone is different, so I am just sharing what works for me!  I use to throw weights around at the gym, but I was becoming very bored of walking into a gym with free weights and plates, staring in the mirror with my headphones in and trying to become motivated to complete 15 reps for 3 sets of each exercise.  This was not something I was willing to maintain for years to come.  I was bored.  Working out became a chore.  Hence why I LOVE working out at SWEAT, everything is to the beat of the music and it’s basically just a party while you workout.  Adding Sweat Power and Sweat Dance in with our original concepts is the ultimate combination of classes.  I truly don’t think I’ll ever leave this place (like I’m actually going to sleep in our office).  Here is a little sneak peak of my recent butt whooping in Sweat Power taught by Katie.  I can’t wait for ya’ll to try it!

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