As you know from being part of this community it comes as no surprise that I have a lot going on.  And as you can relate, it never fails that a bunch a sh*%t is thrown our way in the exact moments when we feel like we can’t handle another “thing”.  You know those days when you might have absolutely nothing all morning, but the moment you run into a meeting or appointment, EVERYONE and their mother starts to text you?  Yeah, that’s how life works.  

I received a text from my work partner about something that needed my attention that made me feel frustrated.  Like “helllooooo don’t you see everything I’m dealing with right now?!?!”  Well, no, no they don’t at all.  The work being asked of me didn’t fall into my urgent priorities list, but I was feeling pressured to get it done right in that very moment.  I wasn’t being told “this needs done right this second,” but that is the way I was allowing it to come into my space.  I was feeling more irritable at this time because so much of what I have been doing has just felt “okay” and not “great” in terms of my capabilities.  I was feeling down on myself, like a failure.  I knew there was so much more I could do, not in terms of amount of work, but doing less, to accomplish more.  I don’t want to work to just check another box off of my list, I want my work to make an impact. 

In responding to my business partner, I let her know what was happening internally due to the message I received.  “Listen, I hear you and thank you for being on top of this, however, I cannot put any attention to the task at the moment.  If I try to ‘fit it in’, then I will allow that behavior to show up in all areas of my life.”  I have been on this constant Mary-go-round of “fitting things into life” and quite frankly, I end up missing so many moments of life by doing so.  Sure, I may have been there physically, but mentally, I couldn’t remember a thing.  By being open and honest with her, she appreciated that she knew she was heard, and that the communication was open.  What we are working on is very important, however, it does not need to be accomplished by tomorrow, so it does not fall under my top priorities for today.  

I am letting you know, IT IS OKAY to have priorities that do not get done today.  How you continue to avoid the behavior makes the mess.  I avoided noticing what was really happening.  I thought I could do absolutely everything that was asked of me, no matter how big or little the task.  Sure, I was getting everything done, but it was just okay.  Then, it started to show up in my social life, constantly showing up tired and leaving early to go home.  I might hold the record for the old Irish Goodbye.

So, here is my solution.  Join me as I reorganize my life.  Choose three (3) priorities that have to be done by a certain time.  For instance, I am currently working to open a new studio by Saturday.  So, that means something else might not get as much love, and that so happens to be my blog.  Yeah, hey there, this post is a day late.  My blog has taken a spot on the back burner this week, and I’m letting that be “okay”.  My focus this week is to make sure the studio opens smoothly, and if I try to “fit everything in”, the new Dance Sculpt concept wouldn’t be ready, blog posts would lack content, and I would pretty much have a nervous break down (Oh yeah, those have been happening way too frequently due to my inability to organize my priorities).  The break downs are my body and mind’s way of saying “hey, let’s chill the F out here.”  In my weekly meetings with my coach, we end up touching on the organization of work life and social life, as well as my personal connection.  She hasn’t outright said it, but I know she thinks I’m a Looney-Tune.  But in all seriousness, she has guided me into understanding how I have complete control of what I’m creating.

Prioritize Your Urgent Needs:

  • What NEEDS to happen today?  (NO, it’s not everything, stop it.)
    • I NEED to get the bikes moved tonight because we are teaching yoga in the cycle room tomorrow morning
    • I need to clean my house today -> wait, no, I don’t.  I can still sleep there without it being cleaned today (maybe this is on your list, and if it doesn’t get done, let it be okay.  The bikes need moved today due to the studio being run tomorrow, and I need to be prepared for a meeting happening today.  Those come first
    • I NEED to have a check list together for my meeting tonight


Maybe cleaning the house is on my list, and if it doesn’t get done, it will be okay.  The bikes need moved today due to the studio being run tomorrow, and I need to be prepared for a meeting happening today.  It’s a simple list, yet it is based on the priorities that NEED to happen today.  I wanted to get my newsletter out yesterday, however, I knew my website would not die if I waited an extra day.  It just had to drop down on my list of priorities this week.  We beat ourselves up about not getting everything done, but everything will still be okay!  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.


And if you’ve continued to read on this far and prioritizing is still not your preferred option, the flights to Mexico are looking great.  Flights are easy and the Coronas are cheap!