I crave human interaction, especially when working out.  This quarantine has taken away a huge part of my life.  No longer able to workout in the studio with my Sweat Family, in the Cycle, Yoga, and Barre room moving to the beat of the music and letting loose when I need that piece of mind.  Words cannot express how much I miss my Squad.  So, I have decided to come to you!

SWEAT PGH has gone virtual for our members!  Trust me, there are days that I don’t think anything will get me out of this funk, but the moment I turn the music on and just start to move, it’s like I’ve traveled to an alternate universe.  Making time to clear my mind of all the clutter allows me to create an open canvas for more opportunities.  You deserve to this moment.  You deserve to feel free.  You deserve to let loose.  For your physical and mental growth.

Grab some space in your home and let’s shake it out!