I have had so much more time to cook now that we are stuck at home during quarantine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to eat and grabbing drinks & apps for a fun girls night, but I am enjoying home cooked meals.  If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with testing new recipes in my kitchen (I remodeled my kitchen before moving into my home, and I’m completely obsessed with it!).

Now that we are weeks into self isolation, meals can become boring and your routine may feel the same old each day.  Let’s have a little fun during this time and create a meal prepping system.  No no, I don’t mean like “it’s bulking season!”, meal prepping can be enjoyable by doing it in a way that works for you!  I have been working with my clients and hosting our Meet Ups every Monday & Friday with my swEATs Team to pull together the best ways to keep our bodies nourished without falling off during this time.  What better way to make food more enjoyable by creating a game of it and making it part of your weekly routine?!

So here is the idea:  Create a menu of your favorite meals, trying to find ways to overlap ingredients so nothing goes to waste!  We have been trying to limit our time at the grocery store, so we want to be pretty organized with our shopping list when heading to grab the goods 😉

I have created a couple different calendar formats below for you to use when planning out your meals for the week!


**Month Calendar (Write the Month on the top left corner and fill in the dates)
**Two other options for Weekly Meal Planners for those that would like a different format to use!  I know I definitely have my preferences on planners and prepping, it’s not a one size fits all 😉
  • Write down 8 of your favorite Dinner Meals on individual slips of paper
  • Place slips of paper in a bowl
  • Pick from the bowl and write in each meal starting Monday to Sunday in order from each pull.  The 8th meal is your “Fall Back” meal if you aren’t in the mood for what is planned!
  • (Repeat the process above for Breakfast, Lunch AND even Snacks to help control the urge to mindlessly eat)
  • Choose meals that don’t require a lot of ingredients, and can be turned into different meals by changing the cooking styles (grilling, baking, stir fry, etc.)
  • Be specific with every meal, don’t to the smallest ingredient
  • Write your grocery list based on your meals
  • Use the swEATs FOOD CALENDAR as a fun family game to play during quarantine. Think of nourishing our bodies as something we GET to do, not a chore we have to try to stay on track with when we feel we are falling off.