I could easily show you what I eat every single day so you can follow my meal plan, along with my daily workout.  But fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t care.  Why?  Because we aren’t the same person!  We are all unique and wonderful individuals that are wired differently.


I have spent years on different diet and workout plans.  Sure, I’ll see a difference in my body, but can I sustain it as a lifestyle…. Well seeing as I’m here writing to you, the answer is an obvious “no”.  Let’s get one thing clear though, I’m not knocking those meal plans and workout plans in the least bit.  I have gotten SO MANY amazing ideas for food and workouts from the TIU ladies and Katie at Love Sweat Fitness.  I just wasn’t able to fit the exact plan into my lifestyle.  They have done their research and have been able to grow such large communities of people to promote health and wellness, and that in itself is so inspiring.


By taking the time to try different meal and workout plans, I was able to self study how my body changes AND what habits I was able to adopt into my lifestyle.  Self study seems like a frightening task, but it has been the most fascinating thing that I have been doing.  Learning what foods don’t sit well with my body, how adjusting my eating with sleeping patterns completely changes how I feel the next day, and that my body type needs certain exercises in order to stay lean. 


So, first things first, let’s rewire our brains to understand that we all can achieve the goal physique and health plan we want (within reason.  I will never be a tall skinny model – that’s what I call a fantasy.  Sounds nice, but I am so appreciative of what I’ve accomplished in the flesh I own).  You DO NOT need to starve yourself or go on some crazy diet to get there.  Trust me, I’ve been there, and the first moment I sniffed a doughnut, my saddle bags grew instantly.  Don’t put yourself through all of the suffering just to lose it in an instant.  You can do this while enjoying your ice cream, pizza, wine, and all of your favorite foods. 


If you want to learn the best way to LOOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF for good, keep reading.  Trust me, it’s absolutely about your nutrition, but I have learned that there are many more factors that dictate the way we eat, how we stay motivated,


Self study tip #1, listen to your body.  If you are hungry, eat.  If you are not hungry but searching the pantry, take a step back, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths in and out, make yourself some tea and go about your day.  You didn’t want food, you were just bored.


Self study tip #2, Be Kind To Your Gut.  I have found dairy and gluten are my enemy.  While so many of my favorite foods contain both, I find non-dairy alternatives and gluten free pizza crusts to satisfy my cravings.  I enjoy giving my gut some extra love with probiotics and digestive enzymes.  While we produce these enzymes in our body already, there is no harm in the extra help when trying to give our liver and gut a little extra guidance.  Giving our bodies the best ways to absorb nutrients and properly balance the bacteria in our digestive system is always a plus ;).  I use the whole line of Truvani.  We now sell their product line at the studio, and I am so thankful we do!  It took us a good bit to find a brand we could truly stand by.  To pass, they had to meet our criteria of only using products that we knew were beneficial to our body and the protein powders had to taste good!  (the packaging is pretty, so that’s just a plus!).  Truvani uses monk fruit as their natural sweetener, which makes the products taste so good ;).  I have been using their products for about three months now, and I have gotten so many compliments on my “glow”.  Not only do I see a difference, but internally I am feeling so much more alert and mentally clear.  Linking the Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes for you, or you can always reach out to me for a studio purchase as well 😉


Self study tip #3, Cut Off Eating 2 Hours Prior to Bed Time.  Trust me, I get it, nothing better than sitting on the couch at night, watching your favorite show, and munching on a sweet treat before bed.  I challenge you to take 3 nights of participating in late night eating and head straight to bed.  Then, the following 3 nights cut off eating 2 hours prior to bed time.  Take note on how you are feeling the following day with your productivity and energy levels.  This one tip in itself has changed my life.


All of the tips above will have a drastic effect on your mental and physical state.  Now, I have two final tips to share with you that I typically start with on my nutrition clients.  There is one common goal that many of us have when it comes to fitness and “diet”.


WEIGHT LOSS.  Please eat a balanced meal.  Yes, it may take longer to see the transformation, but it will also become part of your lifestyle and you will be able to maintain your goal weight without seeing the yoyo or re-bound effects.  If you’re looking to cut and loose fat, please keep reading…


Self study tip #4, Swapping.  Yes, you can still enjoy your pizza and ice cream, but let’s make it a treat and not an every day thing.  If you are a pasta lover, try swapping your typical noodles for Banza chickpea or black bean pasta.  Big breakfast food person?  I am obsessed with Burch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix!  Swap an unhealthy and less nutritious meal for one that adds more value to your body.  If you want to splurge for a meal, DO IT!  However, let’s be mindful and make it a “cheat meal”, not a full “cheat day”.  When we completely cut out our sweat treat cravings, we tend to go overboard and completely splurge.  We tend to want it more when we tell ourselves we can have it 😉  (If it makes you feel any better, I’m currently writing this to you as I satisfy my cravings with Cappello’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)


Self study tip #5, Portion Control.  Honestly, not sure where I adopted the habit of eating until so full I can’t breathe, but yeah, that’s apparently not normal.  Eat until comfortable, not “full”.  Create a balanced meal with nutrient dense foods that will keep you fuller longer.  Enjoy your fats and carbs.  Your body needs them for fuel!  Now, give yourself time to let the food sit and digest before deciding to go for round two! 


Mostly likely, you won’t need to go up for seconds.  If you are serious about losing weight, then after implementing your swaps, you need to implement this final tip of portion control.  Why?  In order to truly cut and loose fat, you’ll need to be on a caloric deficit.  This means that you will be eating less calories in relation to the amount of calories necessary to maintain your current body weight.  And let me reiterate, this DOES NOT mean cut out carbs and fats.  By doing so, that will cause the yoyo weight and you will have the rebound effect occur.  


You have heard the saying, abs are made in the kitchen, yeah?  It’s completely true.  Sure, fitness aids in tightening and building the muscle mass, but nutrition is essential in shaping the body, but it is crucial to self study what you are fueling your body with while reaching your goal.


So, you understand the correlation between caloric deficit and maintaining your goal weight.  When you are in your caloric deficit, that doesn’t mean eat all of the junk food you want, as long as you’re under the caloric threshold.  Nourish your body with the proper foods to maintain this new weight for the long term.  It is now YOU, not just a goal you once had.


If you start to lack the motivation to keep moving forward, revisit tips 1-3.  They may seem so minute, but I want you to understand why they are important, so…


I am going to leave you with a visual my life coach told me, and now I pass on to my clients…


A plane leaves LA and is flying to NYC.  The pilot stays on route by focusing on the angle he is pointing the tip of the plane in order to land in a city thousands of miles away.  If the pilot makes a 1 degree change to where the nose of the plane is pointing, he could land in Washington DC.  


If you made one degree change to your life, where would you land?