Importance of Training Your Hamstrings


The hamstring is a group of muscles and tendons located on the rear (posterior) side of the upper leg.  The function of the hamstring is far greater than helping to achieve a nice butt, although working out the hamstring has that perk, no pun intended! ;). Let’s talk about it.

Muscles of the Hamstring:
  • Bicep Femoris
  • Semitendinosus
  • Semimembranosus


(Yeaaaaa, so put your hand on your butt, and then reach down past the round part and just above the back of your knee – that’s your hamstring)


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  • Flexes the knee and extends the thigh to the backside of the body
  • Used when walking and running (honestly, you use these muscles daily to get around without thinking about it)
  • Athletic Function: Achieve speed, power, and agility. Used for explosive movements, both vertical and horizontal plyometric (jump) training

On the contrary, hamstrings also work as your breaks!  We often notice the amazing strength and speed in professional athletes, admiring the definition within the legs.  You know when a professional athlete does a really cool Juke?  Hamstrings. Olympic sprinters? Hamstrings.  Why do they have such large, muscular legs?  They need the extra muscle for the explosive burst!  Now, we aren’t all professional athletes, however, training our hamstrings plays a crucial role in protecting our knees and building overall stability.

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For all of my Sweaty Cyclers out there!  Found this awesome image and description on google to show what is working when you are cycling.  Why recreate the work that has already been created, right?!  So appreciative of these amazing images that were accessible online to deepen our knowledge for fitness.


It is important to train your hamstrings in a variety of exercises that emphasis all three phases of movement

  • Eccentric – Movement that lengthens the muscle (extends)
  • Concentric – Movement that shorten the muscle (contracts)
  • Isometric – No movement (isolate) 


So there you have it.  Just a few of the many reasons why and how to train your hamstrings ;).  Now go work them, and then don’t forget to show them some love after. I’d love to see you in yoga to stretch and recover!