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Favorite Running Belt for all types of fitness.  I throw on my bluetooth headphones, slide my key and phone in the belt and run out the door!


In love with my BEATS by DRE.  I cannot do my individual workout without them.  They are a must on my run, not only because of the music clarity and bass, but their ability to stay in my ears the entire time!

Massage Gun

A Massage Gun is a MUST have when restoring your muscles during recovery.  It helps to break up the lactic acid and allows your body to feel restored to continue crushing your workouts!

foam roller

I use my Foam Roller at least three times a week.  It helps to break up the facia that builds up allowing for your body to reduce inflammation, reduce muscle pain and soreness, and increases your range of motion.

Resistance Loop Bands

I use these Resistance Loop Bands for so many different leg, core and arm exercises.

Pull Up assist bands

The longer Pull Up Assist Bands are great for large movements!  This is a set of 4 different weight types, but you can also purchase them individually.  I most often use the Red!


Nike Running Shoes are my favorite for heading outside for a workout!


Invest in Dumbbells for your home to sculpt and tone your muscles!  Depending on your fitness goals and exercises you are doing, the weight will vary.  I recommend a set of 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb dumbbells.