My Summer Glow Routine MUST HAVES!

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My Skin Care Regimen, Countermatch.  Morning and Nighttime Routine that completely cleanses my face and balances my complexion.

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist

The Mineral Sunscreen Mist is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and California Poppy, this physical SPF 30 formulation provides an effective shield from UVA and UVB while being gentle and pleasant feeling on the skin!  Lays nicely and doesn’t feel caked like other natural sunscreens I have tried.

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Stick

The Mineral Sunscreen Stick is an ultra-moisturizing cocoa butter-infused formula glides on smoothly without leaving a white residue.  I love using the Sunscreen Stick to easily apply protection to my face without having to use a lotion.

Counter+ All Bright c serum

Beautycounter’s Counter+ All Bright C Serum is a serious GAME CHANGER!  Y’all, I can not express how obsessed I am with my new Morning Routine now that I have this serum.  It is packed with two forms of vitamin C that instantly brightens skin and helps reduce the appearance of existing dark spots, while antioxidant-rich turmeric and camu extracts help protect against new ones.  I have noticed that the turmeric leaves an amazing glow and tint on my skin to get the day started.  No makeup necessary!

Isle of paradise

In LOVE with my Isle of Paradise tanning drops!  When I want a quick glow, I mix these drops in my body lotion and go about my day.  Seriously, the best quick fix 😉

dew skin

A Beautycounter favorite of mine is Dew Skin!  It adds color to my face, leaving a natural look and an amazing glow 😉  I frequently use this in my “day look” and often finish with bronzer and mascara.  Dew Skin also has 20 SPF for some coverage!  AND another awesome perk from this product, it works just like a skin care regimen, so the more often you use, it will continue to tighten and firm up your skin!

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

With the multi-acid complex, this leave-on AHA/BHA peel improves skin texture and boosts clarity without irritation or over-drying.  The Resurfacing Peel is one of my All Time FAVES.  I use this peel 2 to 3 times a week in place of my skin care routine Serum.  I put it on at night, wake up with a smooth and refreshing glow 😉