Tired of looking tired?  You’ve tried many different creams and serums to get rid of the sun damage and dark spots that make your eyes look like dark sockets but nothing seems to work?!  That’s not you girl!  Let’s get rid of those dead skin cells so YOU can shine through!



I had my full face down in the first session.  In our second round, we did some touch ups around the eyes to lift the final bit of darkness!

Results of my BBL Laser Treatment from Acqua Blu Medical Spa 🤩

The BBL Treatment cleared up the sun damage from specific areas of skin. During my consultation, we completely customized the treatment to meet my desired outcome, to get rid of the darker areas but keep my beauty marks. I never thought there was anything “wrong” with my skin, and I still don’t. BUT, BBL has made me feel so much more confident now that my eyes show their blue color even deeper since we have lifted the sun damage from under my eyes 😉.

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any discomfort, but it truly was so easy and so worth it! I went in for treatment, and the downtime was just a night without sweating (that was the hardest part 😂).


These two treatments have changed how I show up with my feminine energy, allowing me to feel more confident and sexier in my skin. This is something I have been struggling with for some time now, and I have been searching for different ways to grow more love for myself. These treatments have quite literally helped me shed layers of my skin so I can start to glow again.

Trying to change from masculine energy (work mode) to my feminine energy (nurturing self love) has been tough for me. Hiding behind work allows me to forget my internal struggles. Thank you Acqua Blu for being a huge part of this journey. I look forward to glowing with you ♥️


P.S. they are right above Sweat PGH in the Siena shops!