Recharge Your Battery

take control of your life

Is your everyday lifestyle leaving you feeling like you’re holding on by a thread?  Today’s society has created the “if you’re not doing something you’re doing it wrong” mentality, and I’m here to tell you, we have been living a lie.


I was the master of doing all things in all the hours of the night just to get work completed.  I found myself on a the couch in the middle of the day because I was beyond exhausted.  I struggled to keep my eyes open.  I was irritable and easily bothered by someone just breathing wrong… yup, you know the internal eruption I’m talking about, that’s why you’re here.


This type of lifestyle may have been getting my to-do list done, but my to-do list wasn’t creating my extraordinary life. Instead, it was draining my battery.  I was waking up just holding my eyes open with some phenomenal concealer, making plans with my pillow for some face time later.  


This Frankenstein routine would only continue on until I was put through the perfect tool by my own Life Coach.  In just a few months after using this tool, I have taken control of my schedule at Sweat PGH (our fitness studio), and started my Life Coaching Business, while continuing to make plans for my future.


My ultimate goal is to help guide you into living your deepest desires.  Nothing excites me more than seeing people THRIVE because they tapped into a piece of their soul that has never been touched.  In doing so, you must be present in your everyday life, and taking care of yourself is a non-negotiable if you want to achieve greatness.



This one tool will absolutely change your life.  And, it’s my gift to you!  

Download my FREE Battery Recharge Worksheet and follow along below on my Chart!




1.List activities under each category as they relate to your energy Output, Fake Input, and Real Input


Output: Things that use up your energy (work, being a mom, etc…)

Fake Input: Things that feel good in the moment but really drain your energy more (binging Netflix, scrolling on social media, drinking etc…)

Real Input: The things you do that replenish your energy (exercise, reading, vacation, being a mom etc…)

*topics can be in more than one column if you feel like they take and give you energy in different ways

2. Label each topic you write down next to it: D (daily), W (weekly), M (monthly) for how often it occurs

3. Calculate on a scale of 1-10 how much energy this takes from you or you receive from it based on what column you place it in

4. If the event happens daily you take the number you rated it by and multiply it by 7, if the event happens weekly you do nothing to the number, and if the event happens monthly you divide the number by 4

**Tip, add all of the Daily values together then multiply by 7. Add all of the Weekly values and hold. Add all Monthly values and then divide by 4. Total all values together at end.


5. Do the above for each column.

6. Next, add the total of the Output Column and the Fake Input column to get your true Output total.

7. Subtract this total by the total in your Real Input Column. This gives you the difference of where you are not recharging your battery. Let this sink it.

What we do from here is totally up to you! Look back in your Output columns and see how you may be able to shift how you show up to certain activities in order to reduce the level of energy and stress you may be putting into your daily routine.

Look under the Real Input Column. Is there anything missing from this column? Could you add a massage, vacation, spa day, girls night out, or even a date into your mix that you may not be currently pursuing. Think of ways to reduce the gap between your Output and Real Input. We must recharge our batteries to feel our best!

Here is a look into my chart and how I labeled each event!  My total Output + Fake Input (total output) is 666, while my total Real Input is 320.  I take the two totals and find the difference to see how far of I am from a full recharge… Folks, how was I even surviving?!?  Like, wut…

Holding myself accountable to find the recharge and close this gap so I can be a true leader and high performer!  Taking my short term success and transforming my work into longterm success by just taking a few moments with such a powerful tool!

Get to work, post on social and tag me, @Anna_sweatpgh, so I can be your accountability partner 😉