I’m Anna Kestler.

I’m Anna Kestler.

Hi again! I’d like to take the opportunity to share a little bit more about myself with you. I grew up in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. As a kid I loved to move. You could find me dancing to any beat or running around with a mini basketball in my hands. My hard core training on the Little Tikes hoop prepared me to play basketball through high school, earning 3 state championships.


Ultimately, basketball landed me a full ride scholarship to The College of William & Mary. It is here that I discovered the real meaning of stress, The Cheese Shop, and My Tribe. I landed a job at CBRE, pulling me back to my hometown.  I was a Commercial Real Estate Broker for a few years while staying active and sharing my passion for fitness with others as a cycle instructor. My adventure in the corporate world came to an end quickly as I took the opportunity to help my sister fulfill her dream of opening her own studio, called Sweat PGH. I left the suit life to pursue the Sweat life (yeah, I get to workout for a living. It’s AMAZING). 


I am currently an Instructor, Concept Developer and Partner at Sweat PGH, where I also provide personal training and nutrition guidance. My devotion to health and wellness has not only instilled the importance of keeping our bodies healthy by nutrition and physical activity, but also by being mindful about the products used on our body, which led me to become a consultant for BeautyCounter (check out the products here). 


It is my dream to provide access to the tools that I believe will allow you to live a healthy, mindful and well rounded lifestyle, without giving up your inner child.


yeah, we’re doing this vintage cosmo girl style…

1. Favorite Restaurant in Pittsburgh:

The Wild Rosemary

2. Favorite Home Cooked Meal:

Flank Steak stuffed with goat cheese, herbs, sun dried tomatoes…yeeeaaah 

4. Favorite Cocktail Spot:

Apericena,The Summit, Fl.2

6. Favorite Tv Show:

The Office, One Tree Hill

9. Where I get my Hair done:

Vibe Salon

10. Where I get my Nails Done:

Envy Premier Nails at Siena 

15. Where I Recover:

Restore Hyperwellness in Siena Upper St. Clair

16. Who Takes My Professional Photos:

Cristin Goss 

Now, Why I Started the Blog…

    Making lifestyle changes starts small. Try swapping an unhealthy habit for a healthier one. Make time for YOURSELF, and make personal growth a priority. I think about not only my own growth, but also how I can reach people on a deeper level in the fitness world.  It’s not just about changing the look of your body, but how you feel internally. I believe that everyone should cultivate a love for themselves and I want to help you feel free in your own skin. I’m not some superhero over here. I do the wobble while trying to hike my jeans over my butt too.  I am learning new things about myself each day and my hope is that my findings can reach you in ways that help you create ease into your life using my little tips, tricks, and mindful ways of living. 


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