When we move our bodies, we essentially shake out the stagnate energy that can clog our vision and goals. It’s a reset button if you will. The body collects and holds onto outside influences, both good and bad throughout each day, and if we can sift out the “gunk” that we end up carrying, we can move through our lives much lighter and with more clarity. I truly believe moving our bodies in some way daily, is vital to our overall mental and physical well-being.

Meet Anna

Hi Friends, I’m Anna –

I’m ecstatic you found yourself here and if you're anything like me, I believe it’s meant to be. I’d love for you to think of me as not only your personal trainer, but your support system when you're feeling stuck or need a push. I have your back!

With a serious passion for anything that keeps my mind and body active, my fitness footprint was ingrained from my formative years growing up in a family of athletes. As the youngest of 3 very competitive collegiate basketball players, I quickly realized the power of consistency through my training which ignited a confidence from within. It propelled me to achieve certifications in yoga, personal training and nutrition + open a fitness studio alongside my Sister in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA back in 2017.

Fast forward to today, my love for movement lead me to sunny CA, a place where I can truly soak up all of the coastal outdoor activities while teaching in-studio, 1-on-1 & virtually.

 I move my body every single day but I don’t believe in restricting yourself. My cadence is work out hard 5 days a week and do moderate lifestyle movement the other 2 days, like walking on the beach or a bike ride.
Your girl also enjoys the nightlife accompanied by good food, drinks and

Balance is bliss

What may be balanced for someone, may not feel right for you, and that’s where my personal approach comes in. I really encourage and help my clients set up a routine that will instill balance for their unique goals and lifestyle. This is why my programs are set up the way they are. From on-demand classes to personal training packages to nutritional coaching. They are customizable to your lifestyle, goals and budget. I want to set you up for success. No excuses, but no burn out, just upleveling.

A few personal facts about me:

  • I met my west coast friends one night at a karaoke bar while singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
  • Hiking and volleyball are some of my favorite outdoor activities
  • Body recovery rituals are a non-negotiable
  • I used to be in commercial real estate


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